Confessions of a Substitute Vol.3

Walk Out Wednesday. The Turn I never expected.

Bell Rings. I wait for one student.

“10:30 we’re leaving. We’re walkin out. Okay. Walk out. Lets do this at 10:30.”

She said this so loud that it required me to do my job. So, I attack the situation head-on.

“If you plan on walking out today, I just want you to know that is your decision. I will call the front office. And they will call your parents.” I say.

Harmony Thinks I’m challenging her at this point.

“Is that why this walk out is happening?” I ask with sincerity.

“Yes. We are standing up for our rights. In one tweet, Trump is trying to take away rights from people like me. And its hard for me. I haven’t told my dad yet. And Two days ago he went off in the living room shouting “Trump is the best president ever!” He explains with a tear coming to his eye.



Teacher & Comedic Writer

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