Confessions of a Substitute Teacher

When a High School Student forgets to drink coffee

  • First, to get the class on your side. If they see that you are being respectful toward them, usually they will follow.
  • And second, it's a life lesson. Your name is who you are, embrace it!

”Sorry i’m so tired Mr. R. I don’t really have an excuse. Like, I drank a cup of coffee for the first time yesterday. I skipped it today. And now I feel like jello. Is this a thing?”

”Malcom, you went down the rabbit hole. Once you start coffee, it becomes a requirement. It hooks you for life. Watch, tomorrow morning have a cup of coffee before you start your day. I guarantee you will be back to normal. When I was your age, the same thing happened to me.”

Do you remember your first cup of coffee?



Teacher & Comedic Writer

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