Classic Hallway Prank: High School

Mark Rius
3 min readMay 19, 2019

Spoiler alert: requires super glue

El Camino is a very good high school. The students are respectful, and the staff is very helpful. Also, they pay 28 bucks an hour!

The third Period is my honors bio class. It’s Friday, and I wanna try something new. Everyone in this class is college-bound. So, let's treat them like college students.

“Hey everyone, I’m going to be very transparent with you. Today is Friday and we don’t have much planned. See this worksheet?” I model the worksheet for them to see.

“It’s very straight forward, finish the front and back. That is what we have planned for the day. If you complete the worksheet, then congratulations you’re done for the day!” I say. The last part catches some students off guard.

“Wait, done for the day?” One student asks.

“Yes, if you finish early then you can work on homework from another class, read, draw, just don’t burn the classroom down.” I instruct. The class jumps aboard.

Only one problem. This was a phenomenal class. They were quiet, respectful, and everyone finished their worksheet promptly. Too Timely. We had 20 minutes left in class. The problem with having this much time left in class is students get bored. Everyone is finished and we have an eternity left in class.

Then one student decides to flip his water bottle across the room. It's harmless, so I let it go. The class erupts as the bottle lands right side up. It's funny, and since everyone is done with their worksheet it’s not a concern.

Enough is enough and I have to end it. The class knows it. I give them three more chances to try to land the bottle right side up again. The first try is a disaster. It’s borderline unsafe, but kind of hilarious. The second shot is closer, and the final shot looks as if they should have retired after one. As I’m looking down at my desk, I don’t see anyone but it feels like someone left the classroom. I maneuver to the door. When I open it, I unexpectedly find three students in the hallway.

“Are you serious? Come back in the room.” I ask calmly.

“Mr.Rius its okay.” Amanda says jokingly

“It’s okay?” I get agitated. I approach the students.

“Are you super glueing a quarter to the ground?” They know their caught, and they look like a deer in the headlights.

I don’t say another word. I let it stew for a few seconds. The anticipation is freaking out the students.

“Alright, finish up.” I say.

They freeze. Not sure if they should continue. I nod the “Go Ahead”

“To make this prank work, when we go back into class, don’t tell anyone. Keep it between us and your results will be rewarded.” This was a quality teaching moment.

Seconds later we’re back inside the class. I acknowledge as the teacher I shouldn’t allow this. But it's a classic. When lunch arrived, I allowed the three students back into my classroom and we enjoyed the entertainment.